2016 – October 13

October 13th , 2016

Meeting venue:
Telephone meeting using MeetAt 20.00 - 21.00 (Danish time)

Jon Hausken (N), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Kirsten Simonsen (Dk), Greta Edelstam (S), Paula Peltopuro (Fi), Snorri Einarsson (Ic), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk) next congress

Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Antti Perheentupa (SFY), Susanna Apter (SSRM), Ingrid Synnøve Brattbakk (NOFAB)

Not present:
Susanna Apter, Antii Perheentupa, Snorri Einarsson and Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon


  1. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  2. The New website. There has been almost no contact between Kristian and Paula. What to do? I have send him a mail Tuesday 11th and hopefully he will respond and tell us the reason.

    Kristian responded and to the email and everything is ready for launching the new web site. Paula informed us about the details and what’s missing. She will continue working with Kristian and be able to be the editor. The board decided to go ahead. The web site will develop and adapted the wishes of our members. Jon will send Paula all minutes since the new board started working after last Congress in Reykjavik 2015. Paula will also start FB and start inviting the board members. The national representatives will then invited the national members; invite and share.

    Paula will challenge Kristian to make the new NFS logo and ask him about the cost.

  3. NFS education course Copenhagen 10-11 November: Update from Elisabeth. Is everything ready for this meeting. So far more then 30 members has signed up

    Elisabeth informed about status. We are now about 50 participants, including invited speakers. All speakers have to send janicke@klinikkhausken.no and email for registration. Susanna is unfortunately not able to make her lecture. Greta suggested Julius and will contact him. We now today that he said yes. Thank you Julius! All lectures/speakers will be video recorded and launched under meetings at NFS new web site. Hopefully this will be a success

  4. Status next NFS Congress: Kirsten Louise

    Kirsten informed about status. There will be more info at next board meeting I January 2017

  5. News from the National chairmen: Greta informed about SSRM activities and their next annual meeting in Uppsala 31 March – 1 April. Ingrid informed about NOFAB activities and the annual meeting in Oslo 5-6 January. The annual DFS meeting at Nyborg Strand 11-12 March. Jon will attend all meetings and also the annual SFY meeting and represent the NFS Board
  6. Next meeting will be a telephone meeting; Thursday 26 January 2017 20.00 Danish time.
  7. Astrid will make sure that all Societies have paid member fee for 2016