2016 – January 19

January 19th , 20165, 20.00-21.00

Meeting venue:
Virtual meeting using MeetNow

Kirsten Simonsen (DK), Susana Apter (S), Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Anna-Kaisa Poranen (SFY), Greta Edelstam (SSRM), Ingrid Synnøve Brattbakk (NOFAB), Snorri Einarsson (Ic), Gudmundur Arason (IC) past congress, Jon Hausken (NO)

Not present:
Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Pala Peltopuro (Fi), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk) next congress

January 19th 2016:

  1. Minutes from the last meeting from October 27th were approved
  2. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  3. Ingrid Synnøve Brattbakk (NOFAB) was welcomed as the new NFS member from NOFAB. Astrid Helene Sydtveit national representative Norway will be the new treasurer for NFS. Anna Vorobieva (N) has updated and informed her about this important task
  4. Gudmundur informed the Board about the final budget. It is a surplus of 41 511 DKK. See the budget (attached)
  5. Jon informed about the status of NFS economy. Future income and expenses will be a one of the topics at the physical meeting in April, Copenhagen.
  6. Hot topics meeting in Stockholm November 2015. Greta summarized the event. NFS will in the future not be able to support this kind of events.
  7. ESHRE certification course (nurse/lab) Oslo April 2016. All set for a fruitful meeting. The invitation and scientific program is attached. We hope for 40-50 participants
  8. Future NFS courses. NFS will arrange one ESHRE certification course each year. It will be a regular meeting each year in November in Copenhagen. This will make it easier to organize and Copenhagen is the best location for all members of NFS. Every country has so far had their own preparatory ESHRE courses. Sweden has a very good program for embryologists. NFS will ask the organizers of this course if NFS members from other countries could participate. NFS will see if not Denmark could be the host for a nurse program. Less energy and less money spend. The main sponsors will probably be positive for such an arrangement. Join forces !
  9. Status next NFS Congress. Kirsten could not attend the meeting. An update will be held next meeting in Copenhagen
  10. News from the National chairmen. Short update from the representatives was given.
  11. Date for next meeting: Physical meeting 28th – 29th April in Copenhagen

Jon Hausken