2015 – May 26-27

May 26th 2015: 15.00 pm – 18.00 pm + dinner 18.30
May 27th 2015 08.30 am – 12.30pm + lunch

Meeting venue:
Hotel Ocean, Amager Strandvej 384, 2770 Kastrup

Anja Pinborg (DK), Anna Nilsen Martin (NO), Kirsten Simonsen (DK),
Paula Peltopuro (FI), Mona Bungum (SE), Snorri Einarsson (IC), Jon
Hausken (No) Past congress, Gudmundur Arason (IC) Next congress
Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Anna-Kaisa Poranen (SFY), Greta Edelstam

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

  1. The minutes from the last meeting (March 11th, 2015) were approved.
  2. Update on the status of Reykjavik congress. Gudmundur went trough the latest registration status. On 26th of May there are 326 registered participants and the aim is 350 paying registrants. It was agreed that the national chairmen will go through their national clinics to lure in more participants for the congress. Sponsorlist from Gudmundur, Greta and Kirsten were reviewed to identify possible new sponsors for the NFS congress in Reykjavik. Kirsten, Anna-Kaisa, Grete, Jon, Anja and Elisabeth will directly contact their sponsors contacts as soon as possible. According to Kristjana from the congress bureau we will need 8 more sponsors to make the budget balance.Gudmundur and Snorri will make adjustments to the budget according to the income before the next telephone meeting July 1st, 2015.
  3. Abstract selection for NFS congress. 19 abstract were reviewed. 6 abstracts were accepted as oral presentation and 13 as posters. Gudmundur will inform those who submitted abstracts and they are allowed to register for the congress at the early bird registration fee.
  4. NFS conference chairman for different sessions were discussed and decided. Chairmen were equally distributed between the countries. Chairmen will be contacted asap and the final program will be available thereafter at the website together with the Invitation for the General Assembly.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

  1. Anna Nilsen Martin gave update on the NFS balances. Balance in the account is 1.922.970,58 DKK. Except Norway and Iceland the national societies have performed their membership payments (7500DKK). Norway (7500DKK) and Iceland (1000DKK) will do the payments in the near future and new invoices have been sent.
  2. NFS future courses. Hot topics meeting in 13th-14th of November 2015 in Stockholm. Final program and link to the registration will be on the NFS website in the near future. Greta showed the finalized program and the budget which balances with funding of 70.000 ddk from NFS. NFS nurse/midwife/embryologist certification course for the ESHRE exam will be held in Oslo April 14th to 15th, 2016 Jon Hausken and Arne Sunde will be chairing.
  3. News from the National chairmen. Greta gave an insight into SSRM plans, their annual meeting will be 8-9th of April 2016. SSRM will organize a course 15-16th of January 2016 in Gothenburg. The topic is introduction for reproductive medicine for medical doctors. Jon told NOFAB is planning to arrange annual course for nurses and embryologist for the ESHRE certification, which could be held in relation to NFS. Elisabeth informed that DSOG is revising the plan for training of the coming gynecologists in reproductive medicine. Education in the different countries was discussed.
  4. NFS website. Paula has done some updates for the website (board contact information etc.). It was agreed that national societies will sent their course and other information for the website through Paula, who will take care of the updating under the news section.
  5. Dates for next meetings: Telephone meeting Wednesday 1st of July 2015 15-16 pm (Danish summer time), Tuesday August 4th 2015 lunch meeting in NFS congress Iceland. 11) Matters arising. Jon Hausken is wish to step in as the new NFS president and the NFS board will suggest Jon as the next president of NFS. It was discussed that the president optimally should be someone already with experience from the board. This would ease the workload of the president. It was suggested to have secretary for the NFS board who would take care of the website and administrative work.The renewal of the website was agreed to be discussed in upcoming board meetings after the Iceland congress.Greta informed about the vaginal ultrasound probe covering. Current ultrasound probe covers are pore quality concerning protection against bacterial/viral transmission.It was agreed that for the upcoming congresses there will be only one registration fee, no separate membership and non-membership registrations.We decided to keep the early bird and late registrations separately, otherwise people will register very late and it will be difficult to adjust the budget.

    A new national representative from Sweden should replace Mona Bungum, who stepped down before this meeting. Anna Nilsen Martin will also step down as Norway’s national representative and NFS treasurer in August 2015 and NOFAB has already chosen a replacement for Anna.

    Kirsten Tryde Macklon from Rigshospitalet in Denmark will be chairing the local organizing committee for the NFS congress in Denmark 2017. Kirsten will prepare a short presentation for the closing ceremony at the NFS congress in Reykjavik and the venue will be decided before then.