2015 – March 11

Wednesday March 11, 2015

Anja Pinborg (DK)
Jon Hausken (No)
Gudmundur Arason (IC)
Snorri Einarsson(IC)
Greta Edelstam (Chair of SSRM)
Anna Nilsen Martin (NO)

Not present:
Mona Bungum (SE)
Paula Peltopuro (FI)
Kirsten Simonsen(DK)
Søren Ziebe (Chair of DFS)
Anna-Kaisa Poranen (FI)(Chair of SFY)

  1. The minutes from the last meeting (January 13th, 2015) were approved
  2. Update of the Reykjavik congress. Gudmundur and Snorri have been in contact with the five main sponsors, who are all positive. IBSA is changing their structure and the final decision on sponsoring will be taken during the spring. An invoice will be sent this week to all sponsors. Abstract deadline is 1. April 2015. We will elect the abstracts at the board meeting in May. There are now in all 125 registered for the congress (78 participants + 31 speakers + 6 NFS board members + 1 local committee + 5 from former organizing committee + 4 exhibitors). Chairmen for the sessions at the NFS congress will be decided at the board meeting in May we should aim for 6-8 chairmen from each of the Nordic countries and chairmen from Iceland should be in as many sessions as possible. Deadline for early bird registration for Iceland is April 30th, 2015. Main sponsors get 2 x 4 m2 and exhibitors 2 x 3 m2 . Gudmundur and Snorri will send flyers and teasers through the four national societies. Jon will send an e-mail list of all exhibitors from the congress in Haugesund to Gudmundur asap.
  3. NFS balances. Pr. 31.12.2014: 1.975.194,07 dkk at our account. Expenses last year for board meetings: 91.534,58 dkk and nurse meeting : 63.065,62 dkk.
  4. NFS Nurse/midwife course in November 2014. Anja informed about the evaluatons of the meeting, which were overall very positive as 80-90 % of the participants scored the different items “very good or excellent”. In all 78 applicants have signed in for the nurse/midwife exam in Lisbon 6 of them from out of Europe. Anja will find out how many who were from the Nordic countries. Next NFS ESHRE preparation course will be held in spring 2017 in Norway and will be combined for lab and nurses/midwifes.
  5. Greta has booked Svenska Läkare Sällskapet (SLS) in Stockholm 13+14. November 2015 for the Hot topic meeting. Local organizing committee is Greta, Anna-Karin Lind, Julius Hreinsson, Arne Sunde and Kersti Lundin. Draft for Program and budget will provided before the next board meeting.
  6. NFS website status – website is continuously being updated by Paula and Anja. Jon suggested a discussion at the next board meeting on the aims of the NFS website. Anja will put it on the agenda.
  7. News from the national societies. Danish Fertility Society will have their annual meeting the forthcoming weekend and Søren Ziebe will step down as chairman. SSVF has their meeting 20-21. March. NoFAB has decided to have one physical board meeting per year.
  8. Physical meeting 26-27th, May 2015 at Hotel Ocean in Copenhagen. We will start at 3.00 pm May 26th, and end at 1.00 pm May 27th, 2015 (Danish summertime). Please order flight tickets yourself and inform Anja if you will need a hotel room.
  9. Anja will send invoices to the four national societies (7500 dkk) and Iceland (2000 dkk) on the NFS annual payment.

Anja Pinborg