2015 – August 4

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Meeting venue:
HARPA Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Rejkjavik

Tuesday, 4 August 2015:

  1. Opening of the meeting by NFS President Anja Pinborg.
  2. Arne Sunde (NO) was elected as chairman of the General Assembly and Inge Rose Jørgensen (DK) as secretary
  3. President report: Anja started by thanking the local organizing committee for the conference both the social and the scientific program is of a high standard.a.     Since last NFS-congress in Haugesund January 2014, the board has had eleven meetings out of which 3 were physical meetings and the rest telephone meetings. Physical meetings were held in Hotel Ocean, Copenhagen.b.     NFS is now an umbrella organization of the four national fertility societies. The strong relation to the societies has made NFS stronger. NFS individual payment system was abandoned. The national societies have performed their membership payments 7.500 DDK (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) and Iceland DDK 1000 in 2015. In 2016 these figures will be doubled 15.000 for No, S, Fi and DK and 2000 for Iceland.

    c.     Anja informed about NFS nurse/midwife course in November 2014. The course had 80 participants and was very well evaluated as 80‐90 % of the participants scored the different items “very good” or “excellent”.

    d.     In all 71 applicants have signed in for the nurse/midwife exam in Lisbon. Six of them from out of Europe, 33 from the Nordic countries. Of the Nordic participants 31 out of 33 passed while 80% of the total participants passed. Next NFS nurse/midwife/embryologist certification course for the ESHRE exam will be held in Oslo 14th to 15th of April 2016. Sweden will host the course in 2017 and Finland in 2018.

    Another future NFS course is “Hot topics meeting” in 13th-14th of November 2015 in Stockholm, which are both announced at the NFS website.

    e.     Kirsten Tryde Macklon from Rigshospitalet in Denmark will be chairing the local organizing committee for the NFS congress in Denmark Aug 2-4th, 2017 and the venue will be Nyborg Strand. It will be a summer meeting as NFS have decided to arrange conferences every second year.

    f.      Thanks to the past chairmen Anna Karin Lind from SSRM and Søren Ziebe DFS.

    g.    Thanks to the chairmen of the four national fertility societies, Jon Hausken (N0FAB), Anna-Kaisa Poranen (SFY), Greta Edelstam (SSRM) and Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS)

    h.     The NFS board has updated the Nordic evidence-based guidelines of specific interest for the Nordic countries. These guidelines are: 1) Psychosocial aspects of infertility problems, 2) Treatment with cryopreserved embryos and oocytes, 3) Quality assurance and statistics and Legal aspects of Infertility Treatment.

    i.      Anja suggested that one of the major focus areas for the future should be education in the different groups.

    j.      Farewell and thanks to Anna Nilsen Martin (No) for her great job as treasurer.

    k.     A special thanks to the local organizing committee, Gudmundur Arason, Snorri Einarsson, Helga Sol Olafsdottir for a scientific program of high quality and a well-organized social program and conference.

    l.      The NFS board has decided to propose Jon Hausken as candidate for the next NFS president.

  4. The treasurer Anna Nilsen Martin presented the NFS balance reports from 2013, 2014 and 2015 until date. She went through the various items of income and expenditure for NFS. Balance 2013 DDK 1.871.046, 68. There is a shortfall in the balance from DKK 1.975.194, 07 (31.12.2014) to DKK 1.891.151, 93 (29.07.2015). NFS is currently challenged by the negative cash rate in Denmark, since the money is in a Danish bank, however the new board should decide whether to move the accounts to Norway, where the rate is higher.
  5. Two auditors were elected: Karin Erb and Nan Oldereid
  6. The five national representatives were presented: Paula Peltopuro (FI), Kirsten Simonsen (DK), Susana Apter (SE), Snorri Einarsson (IS) and Astrid Sydtvedt (NO).  The national representatives are selected by their respective national society for a minimum of 2 years and maximum four years.
  7. As new president, Jon Hausken was elected for the next 2 years with the majority of the attendees at the meeting, no one voted against Jon. Jon subsequently took the floor and thanked Anja for her hard work as the outgoing president, and not least for her kindness.
  8. No matters arising

Inge Rose Jørgensen (DK)