The Society

The foundations of the Nordic Fertility Society were laid at a meeting in Ebeltoft, Denmark in August 1995, when an interim board was instructed to construct bylaws ready for a constituting general assembly at the Nordic Conference in Kuusamo in January 1999.

However Nordic cooperation in assisted reproduction goes back to the beginnings of IVF. Already in August of 1982 a few pioneering colleagues from Denmark, Norway and Sweden met at Helsingør in Denmark. IVF groups from all the Nordic countries met regularly after that at official Nordic meetings.

The countries that make up the Nordic Fertility Society are the three Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden, together with Finland and Iceland.

All professional groups involved in Assisted Reproduction are equally represented in the NFS board.


The professions are grouped into five categories:

  • Doctors
  • Embryologists and Biologists
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Nurses
  • Secretaries and assistants


One member of each profession represents each category in the board.

In addition the board consists of the President and two non-voting members.

The non-voting members are the chairmen for the last and the coming Nordic conference.