October newsletter from Jon

October newsletter from Jon

Dear NFS friends

One year has passed since the NFS Congress was held in Reykjavik Iceland. Reykjavik was amazing, a good scientific program and the best weather ever 🙂

As President it is important to meet members. I have attended the DFS annual meeting 12-13 March 2016 and also the SSRM annual meeting 8-9 April and of course the NOFAB annual meeting in Trondheim 30-31 October. Next year I will also attend SFY All good meetings and I really do enjoy meeting NFS colleagues and I do experience that we are a big Scandinavian family. Few secrets and everyone busy telling about their achievements and successes.

The board has been busy working with the annual NFS Education program. Last meeting was held in Oslo 14-15 April and the next coming up in Copenhagen 10-11 November. The topics will cover ESHRE’s certification program for embryologists, nurses and midwives but it is open and free for all NFS members. That is why we have change the name to the annual NFS Education program

We are now launching the new NFS web site. Simpler and more up to date. we hope that you all can contribute with suggestions and ideas to make this new web site working as a useful tool for all NFS members. Please send emails to our web master paula.peltopuro@hus.fi

We invited all NFS members to join NFS FB. This is a easy and quick way to inform our members. More information about this will be published later

The next NFS Congress will be held in Nyborg Strand next summer. Kirsten Louise as Chair and her group are working hard to make this a big happening! I really look forward to this meeting because we all now what the Danes are capable to do.

This was just a small update from me and my board. More Newsletters will follow.

Jon Wegner Hausken

President of the NFS