The main objective of NFS is to provide high quality education for the members. NFS has been taking part in helping to prepare for the ESHRE certification exam both for nurses/midwives and embryologists. Previous efforts took place in Oslo and in Copenhagen and received positive feedback but also constructive critique.

The NFS board has carefully considered the most fruitful way to carry out the Education course. Beginning in Helsinki in November (9.-10.11.2017) the first third of the extensive ESHRE curriculum for both tracks will be covered in far more detail than previously. The other topics will logically be covered in the next too Education courses (in 2018 and 2019). Furthermore, the plan is to video and archive the presentations and ensure that also those members who are unable to attend the course in Helsinki. The content of the previous course in Copenhagen is already available in video form on the NFS homepage.

The course topics and extent has been planned with the ESHRE requirements in mind, however, all NFS members irrespective of professional training and plan to participate in the ESHRE exam are warmly welcome to attend the course, learn new thing or up-date knowledge.

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