2021 – September 2nd

2021 – September 2nd

Minutes: Board Meeting Nordic Fertility Society

Date: September 2nd, 2021

Meeting venue: Virtual on-line meeting using Teams

   Thursday September 2nd, 2021 14:00 - 18:00, Danish time

Invited: Marjut Otala (FI), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (IC), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (DK), Ann Thurin Kjellberg (S), Antti Perheentupa (FI), Sirpa Mäkinen (FI)
Janni Vikkelsø Jeppesen (DFS), Christel Hydén-Granskog (SFY), Stina Järvholm (SSRM), Hildegunn Stoum (NOFAB)

Not present: Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir


  1. Secretary of the meeting  - Marjut

  2. News from the national societies
    The national chairmen gave updates on the law changes, Covid situation and national meetings of the countries. Norway is proceeding with oocyte donations and there has been major changes in the field of private clinic ownership. Denmark has no Covid-19 restrictions at the moment. Eggs can now be kept frozen till a woman is 46. Sweden is adjusting to previous law changes and making procedures for carrying out double donation and embryo donation. Finland has no recent law changes and hopefully will have on-site SFY meeting in November.

  3.  NFS 2022 in Helsinki (Christel and Sirpa)
    1.  program: updates and changes 
      Sirpa and Christel have been working on the NFS Congress program, updating the lectures by taking out the topics related to Covid and finding new topics to replace them. Almost all lecturers have been contacted to verify that the new dates are suitable for them and in some cases the topic has changed. 
      Sirpa went through the whole program. It was discussed that the balance of the speakers should reflect all Nordic countries. Now the most lecturers are from Finland and Denmark, with less from Sweden, Norway and Iceland. It was also discussed that economically it is good to have many local speakers, and this has been the case in previous congresses also. There is much research going on in Denmark and this also shows in the program. 
      As for the lectures of which the speaker was TBA there were some very good suggestions of who could be the speaker and requests to speak will be sent out to them.
      Sirpa will send out the program to the board members for them to review it and make more suggestions if necessary.

    2.  involvement of NILS
      Before the start of the NFS meeting there can be a session by NILS. NILS may also arrange a PGT consortium and possibly invite companies to have workshops on Thursday morning. It was discussed that these activities could be optional for the attendees and would not be charged separately. NILS will need to figure out how to pay for the costs of renting the lecture halls for these purposes (sponsors arranged for these?). NILS will also have a GA in the end of the day.

    3. budget
      Sirpa and Christel will update the budget. A congress bureau will be acquired for getting an account and handling the expenses and participation fees. Offers have been requested from two different congress bureaus and the offers were reviewed and will also be updated. The prices are quite similar for both. The congress fee for the participants should be as low as possible for the attendees. However, the expenses in Finland are very high. The congress fee for early registration could be € 350 and the fee for late registration € 450. Sponsorship fees were discussed. The board proposed that the Silver sponsorship could be € 10 000. 

    4. General Assembly 
      NFS General Assembly will be held on Friday before the final session of the day.

    5. other (venue, social events, local organization…)
      Abstract deadline 1.4.2021. Abstract screening group: Ann, Antti, Kirsten and Janni. A stipend for best poster and best oral presentation.
      Tentative days: Registration opening 1.2.2022, early bird deadline May 1st. Hotel booking deadlines to be confirmed.
      Advertising the congress early and many times is crucial!
      Local help was discussed, as there were local people in Göteborg helping to take care of the practicalities during the congress. These people did not have to pay for their attendance, which has to be notified in the budged planning, if similar arrangements are planned for Helsinki.

  4. Credit card (Astrid and Marjut)
    Currently it has not been stated in the by-laws who is allowed to have control over the society credit card, so now it is the board as a whole.  This practically makes the use of the credit card impossible. The society’s bank is Danish and in Denmark these need to be defined in the by-laws. Thus, the board needs to think of a way to include the use of the credit card into the by-laws to simplify its use. The user of the credit card should be just one or two people (treasurer as the primary person, president as the secondary person). A clause will be designed which can be added into the by-laws in order to ease the use of the credit card. As the Danish Fertility Society has had to deal with the same problem, Janni has agreed to help out.
    Astrid also brought up that the society has a good amount of money and that the interest in the Danish bank is negative, so the society has to pay the bank to have money there. It was discussed whether we should register the society to another Nordic country, but the idea was rejected as the situation is similar also elsewhere and this type of change would require a lot of work, worth more money than we are losing now.
    It was also discussed whether the society’s money could be invested, but there would be a problem with taxing. A foundation with rules and regulations should then be established and a donation made to that foundation from NFS. It was concluded that there is too little money for all this. Also, Finland’s congress will take up a lot of the society’s money after which we still need to have a good buffer before Norway’s congress in 2024.

  5. Webinar with New England Fertility Society (Kirsten, Antti, Marjut)
    Kirsten reviewed the situation of the webinar that will be arranged with the New England Fertility Society on Thursday October 28th, 2021 at 18-19:30 CET. A save the date has already been place on the NFS pages. There is a mistake on the add which Kirsten will ask to be corrected and then the add will be distributed to all chairs for further distribution to members. A Facebook add will also be made.

  6. Web pages (Steinunn)
    The updating of the information on the current board in in progress. NFS/BFS webinars can be found on the web pages, and the last one of the webinars will be placed there too. Info on the NFS/NEFS webinar will also be updated as soon as the add is corrected. Hopefully it will be possible to have the NFS/NEFS webinar recordings on the web pages also. The preliminary program for the NFS Congress in Helsinki will be put on the website as soon as it is reviewed by the board and ready for first announcement.

  7. Next meeting
    The next meeting will be held in the end of the year, end of November/beginning of December. Marjut will send out a Doodle later this fall. Marjut will ask whether it is possible to reserve the Ocean Hotel for May 19-20, 2022.

  8. Matters arising
    No matters arising.

Marjut Otala
NFS President
September 3rd, 2021