2021 – February 2nd

2021 – February 2nd

Minutes from the Virtual Board Meeting

Date: February 2nd , 2021

Meeting venue: Virtual on-line meeting

Tuesday February 2 nd , 19:00 - 20:00, Danish time

Invited: Marjut Otala (FI), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (IC), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (DK), Ann Thurin Kjellberg (S), Antti Perheentupa (FI), Sirpa Mäkinen (FI)
Janni Vikkelsø Jeppesen (DFS), Christel Hydén-Granskog (SFY), Stina Järvholm (SSRM), Sigrun Beate Kjøtrød (NOFAB), Hildegunn Stoum (NOFAB)

Not Present: Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (IC)


  1. Secretary of the meeting – Marjut
    Janni Vikkelsø Jeppesen was welcomed to the board as the chair of the DFS and Hildegunn Stoum as the new chair of the NOFAB.

  2. NFS 2021 in Helsinki
    1. review of the current situation
      The preliminary program is ready. The venue needs to be payed by Feb 26th 2021 in case the congress would be held in August 2021. 

    2. postponing the congress?
      Due to the new virus variants, delays in national vaccination programs and the ongoing travel restrictions, it was decided that the congress will be postponed by one year. If possible, the congress will take place on Aug 25-27. However, if these dates are not available for reserving the venue, the alternative dates are Aug 18-20. The local committee will inform the board when the dates have been confirmed. The local committee will also inform the collaborators and the speakers of the postponement of the congress.

      The board also discussed that there may be a need to organize the General Assembly virtually this year, as there will be no congress.

      It was also discussed that there is a need to completely renegotiate the possible involvement of NILS in the NFS congress. Sirpa will discuss this matter with the NILS board and ask for a proposal on how to proceed.
  3. Economics of the society
    1. need for changing the annual fee for 2021?
      As the NFS will not be arranging a congress in 2021 as originally expected, it was discussed whether there should be a reduction of the membership fee for 2021. However, there also has previously been some discussion on the possible need for a raise of the NFS membership fee. The chairs of the national societies informed the board that the annual membership fees will be collected as usual. It was decided that the membership fee for NFS will remain as it is for now.

  4. News from the national societies
    The national chairmen gave reviews of the current situation in each country. In Norway there have been major amendments to the Norwegian Biotechnology act and related guidelines, allowing for example oocyte donation, oocyte cryopreservation and treatment of single women.

  5. News from the webinar series
    The first NFS/BFS joint webinar was held on November 11th 2020 with the topic of Female Fertility Preservation. The 1,5 hour webinar had 3 high quality lectures from Sweden and Denmark. More than 200 people registered, of which 126 people attended the live webinar.

    The second webinar, with the topic of Andrology, update on male fertility and available treatments was scheduled for February 3rd 2021, with invited speakers from Estonia, Finland and Denmark. More than 290 people had already registered.

    Both webinars have been supported by a commercial collaborator, so that the expenses for the societies are minimal.

  6. Next meeting
    The spring meeting that usually has taken place at the Ocean Hotel will be a virtual meeting. Marjut will send out a Doodle to find a suitable time for the meeting. It was decided that the board will try to have an in-person-meeting and possibly arrange a hybrid General Assembly in August when the NFS 2021 congress was originally supposed to be held. Marjut will ask whether the Ocean Hotel is available for the meeting in August 25-26, 2021.

  7. Matters arising
    No matters arising.