2020 – October 12th

2020 – October 12th

Minutes from the Virtual Board Meeting

Date: October 12th, 2020

Meeting venue: Virtual meeting using Teams 

Monday October 12th, 19.00 - 20.30 (CET)

Invited: Marjut Otala (Fi), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (Ic), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk), Ann Thurin Kjellberg (S), Antti Perheentupa (Fi), Sirpa Mäkinen (Fi)

Kathrine Birch Petersen (DFS), Stina Järvholm (SSRM), Sigrun Beate Kjøtrød (NOFAB), Christel Hydén-Granskog (SFY)

Not Present: Sigrun Beate Kjøtrød (NOFAB), Ann Thurin Kjellberg (S)

  1. Secretary of the meeting – Marjut

  2. Brief review of the current board

    Sirpa Mäkinen (Fi) joined the board as a chair of the NFS 2021 congress in Helsinki. Christel Hyden-Granskog represents Finland as chair of the SFY. Antti Perheentupa is now the national representative of Finland and continues to be in charge of the NFS education courses.

  3. News from the national societies

    The national chairmen gave reviews of the current situation in each country. There has been challenges organizing national society meetings and they have been postponed on several occasions, and both virtual and hybrid meetings have been held.

  4. NFS 2021 in Helsinki

    1. review of the current situation

      The program for the NFS 2021 is almost complete. All sessions have been filled and most lecturers have already agreed to give a talk. The preliminary program is ready to be published in the NFS web pages and this will be done shortly.

      The venue needs to be payed by Feb 26th 2021, but at this point it is not known whether the meeting can be held, due to the possible ongoing travel restrictions at that time. The board will decide in the beginning of 2021 on whether to proceed with the plans on organizing the meeting next August.

      The local organizing committee is worried as Finland seems to be very expensive for arranging a congress. However, Astrid informed the board that the economy of NFS looks good.

    2. request of combining NILS with NFS

      NILS board has requested that NILS would be arranged together with NFS in August 2021. NFS has already worked hard on planning and organizing the NFS 2021 meeting and all sessions are complete. It was discussed what the benefits and disadvantages would be to organize a joint meeting with NILS. The economy is one of the most difficult issues. It was proposed by the NFS 2021 local committee that one session would be re-arranged and offered for NILS within the NFS Congress as well as time for organizing their Annual General Meeting. Sirpa will contact NILS and discuss this with them.

      In case the NFS 2021 congress needs to be postponed, the congress must be largely re-planned and there is a better possibility to combine the two societies in one congress.

    3. request  of inviting participants from other societies

      It is an option to invite participants also from other societies to the NFS 2021 congress, but at this point, it is unclear whether the congress needs to be postponed so this issue will be discussed later.

  5. Next NFS congress after Helsinki

    The next congress after Helsinki will take place in Norway. 

  6. Change in by-laws

    1. virtual general assembly/virtual congress
      It was discussed that it should be stated in the by-laws that virtual general assembly and virtual congress are options if in-person meetings cannot be held.

    2. credit card
      A clause will be designed which can be added into the by-laws in order to ease the use of the credit card.

  7. Education course

    1. current situation
      The first topic of the NFS/BFS joint webinar is Female Fertility Preservation. Three experts have agreed to give a talk in the webinar taking place on November 11th 2020 at 15:00 (CET). Each speaker will have a 20 min talk and 10 minutes are reserved for questions.

      More webinars have been planned for the future and there was discussion on how often the webinars should be held. It was suggested that they could be held every two months for example. One webinar per month might be too often, taking into consideration that many webinars are being offered by different societies and companies.

      The platform and technical support for the webinar will be bought from a company called Eventas and they will also design advertisements for the congress. There have been offers from some companies to sponsor the webinars (one sponsor per webinar) and sponsorships are being negotiated.

  8. Next meetings

    1. Virtual in January - early February for deciding whether NFS2021 will take place when planned

      Marjut will make a Doodle questionnaire to the board of when to have the next board meeting.

    2. Ocean Hotel May 6-7, 2021. Thursday 15.00-20.00 and Friday 8.30-12.00.

      This reservation is still valid.

  9. Matters arising

    Marjut brought up that according to the by-laws her term in the NFS board is finishing after the next NFS congress. The next president of the NFS should possibly be from Sweden.