2019 – August 23

2019 – August 23

Invitation to
General Assembly
Ordinary General Assembly of the Nordic Fertility Society

Friday August 23 rd 2019, 15:15-16:15 NFS 2019 Gothenburg


  1. Opening of the meeting – Jon Hausken
  2. Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting
  3. Election of two auditors
  4. NFS President report from the NFS board
  5. Presentation of the five national representatives (S, F, N, DK, Ic)
  6. NFS economy 2017-2019 The treasurer’s report and budget – Astrid Helene Sydtveit
  7. Discharge from liability to the board members and chairman for 2017-2019
  8. Election of the new NFS president
  9. The Board will inform the members about the ongoing Education Courses
  10. The Board suggests changing the By-laws;
    1. the next and previous Chairman of the NFS congress will become full voting member of the NFS Board (this suggestion was first time approved in Nyborg Strand 2017)
    2. §11. Changes of the Articles of Association shall be adopted by a majority of at least 2/3 of the members of two successive General Assemblies.

      The new By-law suggested
      §11. Changes of the Articles of Association can be approved by the boards of the national societies at least 4 weeks before and then adopted at the subsequent General Assembly.
  11. Matters arising