2019 – August 22nd

2019 – August 22nd

Minutes from Board Meeting Nordic Fertility Society

Date: August Thursday 22nd 2019

Meeting venue: Quality Hotel 11 Gothenburg
Thursday 08.30 – 10.30

Invited: Jon Hausken (N), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Kirsten Simonsen (Dk), Greta Edelstam (S), Otala Marjut (Fi), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (Ic), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk) Ann Thurin (S), Kathrine Birch Petersen (DFS), Antti Perheentupa (SFY), Stina Jarvholm (SSRM), Sigrun Beate Kjøtrød (NOFAB)

Not present: Kirsten Simonsen and Greta Edelstam

  1. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  2. NFS 2019 Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden 22-24 August 2019: Ann
    Ann Thurin informed about the Board about the latest news about the starting Congress. More than 400 participants, is a huge success. We have turned the past years of a negative trend. Changing dates and only a two-day Congress seems to have been a success. The economy will have a small surpluses. 
  3. General assembly at NFS 2019: Jon 
    The Board went through the arising GA. Decided chair, secretary and auditors. Planned the introduction of new President and the presentation of the future education courses.
  4. NFS Education courses: Antti 
    Greta has informed the Board that she is not more a part of the upcoming education course in Stockholm. This is accepted. As the next planned education course is not covering the last third of the minutes, the board had to make a new plan and strategy. Antti will make a letter informing the speakers about changes in the program and ask if anyone is willing to change subject. This will be sent to all speakers shortly. The dates and Venue will be the same. Steinunn will change the web site and tell that the program for last third of preparing ESHRE exam will be posted soon. Ann and Stina will be responsible for finding new speakers within the Swedish society.  
  5. Next NFS Congress; Helsinki 2021 
    The next Congress will be held 26-28 of August 2021 in Helsinki. The Chair will be presented shortly
  6. Next meeting; 
    The new President will see if an extra ordinary Board meeting will be held soon due to the new strategy and plan for NFS education course 2019. If not, the next meeting will be in Copenhagen May 2020
  7. Matters arising
    Kathrine informed about the role of the Nordic Think Tank for fertility awareness, led by Søren Ziebe. DFS has redrawn their support for this work due to the commercial collaboration which was not the initial idea. Furthermore - the societies will have no influence what so ever on decisions, strategies etc. Both are equal concerns for the Danish members.
    I talked to Søren about this issue later the same day. He promised to send the NFS Board a letter explaining future plans and who is involved for clarifying this issue. The NFS Board will not make any new decisions, before all information needed for doing this is present.