2018 – May 3rd and 4th

2018 – May 3rd and 4th


May 3rd, 2018, 15.00 – 20.00
May 4th , 2018, 09.00 – 13.00

Meeting venue

Ocean Hotel
Amager Strandvej 384, 2770 Kastrup, Danmark


Invited: Jon Hausken (N), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Kirsten Simonsen (Dk), Greta Edelstam (S), Otala Marjut (Fi), Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir (Is), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk) Ann Thurin (S)
Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Antti Perheentupa (SFY), Julius Hreinsson (SSRM), Hans Ivar Hanevik (NOFAB)
Present: All Board members were present


  1. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  2. Economy and Nyborg Strand 2017: Kirsten
  3. The NFS meeting 2017 was not only a success in terms of social gathering and scientific news. The budget showed a surplus of 570 000 DKK. This secure the future for all activities within NFS. The economy is depending on surpluses from NFS congress. The member fees are not sufficient to run the society and its activities.

  4. NFS 2019 Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden 22-24 August 2019: Ann Thurin
  5. The next Congress is held in Copenhagen 22-24 August 2019. The Venue and preliminary scientific program was presented by the Chairman; Ann Thurin. The expenses for the different activities was presents an approved by the Board. Next priority for the committee is to make deals with the industry. This needs to be set this autumn.

  6. Election of new NFS President: Jon
  7. The Board discussed the upcoming President. Finland has never had this position. Antti and Otala will prepare some thoughts and suggestions for the next meeting in November

  8. FB and the NFS website: Jon
  9. The NFS website has not become what was planned and expected. Kristian Skriver, the web designer, was invited and present to clarify why and what. He apologized that he had not had the time to focus on NFS, due to sickness. The web site needs to be updated, the NFS webmaster needs to be educated to do the changes and ongoing postings if this is going to work. The new NFS webmaster is Steinunn. She will continue the work with Kristian. Firstly, she will update the Board members and the upcoming education course in Copenhagen in November 2018. The next Congress will also be posted. The Board decided that the members need password to access the website. The national chairmen are responsible to launch info regarding NFS activities by emails and FB

  10. NFS education courses: Antti
  11. Antti summarized and informed about the plans for the future (and past education) courses. There are still problems regarding the videos. Kristian promised to make this work. The meeting in Helsinki was a success. NFS will continue with the education courses and continue to improve them.

  12. Next education course in Copenhagen November 2018: Elisabeth
  13. Next education course will be held in Copenhagen 8-9 November 2018. Elisabeth and Antti presented the upcoming meeting with the preliminary program and speakers. The cooperation with Ferring will continue. A telephone meeting will be held in September to ensure the final preparations.

  14. NFS and economy: Astrid
  15. The economy is healthy. Astrid informed about the expenses regarding board meetings and education courses.

  16. GDPR: Greta
  17. Greta informed about the upcoming commitments regarding GDPR. The NFS’s members (national societies) needs to incorporate the new and strict rules. Steinunn was elected to be the responsible officer for GDPR in NFS. NFS will discuss change and GDPR at our next meeting.

  18. The national societies and the annual NFS fee. NOFAB has requested not to pay the fee for 2018: Hans Ivar
  19. The Board decided not to do an exception for NOFAB. The member fee is 15 000 DKK for 2018

  20. Hot Topics in Reproductive Research. A annual meeting directed by NFS: Julius
  21. Julius informed about the initiative from a group of different scientists from the Nordic countries, all involved in basic research (Biology and embryology). They wanted support from NFS to run seminars/meetings for young scientists. NFS decided to say no due to the conflict with its own meetings/NFS congress. NFS need more info about the group and plans, perhaps some kind of cooperation in the future.

  22. News from the national societies
  23. The national chairmen informed about ongoing activities

  24. Next meeting
  25. Next NFS board meeting will be held in Copenhagen in connection with the NFS education course 7-8 November

  26. Matters arising
  27. The NFS board decided to have two physical meetings per year. One in connection to the education courses (November) and one as previous primo May. Only if needed there will be telephone meetings. This will increase quality and is more effective. The Board decided that the next President should have access to paid secretary help (50 000 DKK/year).