2017 – May 9th and 10th

2017 – May 9th and 10th

May 9th 2017, 15.00 – 20.00
May 10th , 2017, 09.00 – 12.00

Meeting venue:
Virtual meeting using MeetNow 20.00 - 21.00 (Finland 21.00 - 22:00)

Jon Hausken (N), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Kirsten Simonsen (Dk), Greta Edelstam (S), Paula Peltopuro (Fi), Snorri Einarsson (Ic), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk) next congress

Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Antti Perheentupa (SFY), Julius Hreinsson (SSRM), Ingrid Synnøve Brattbakk (NOFAB)

Not present:
Ingrid Synnøve Brattbakk (N) and Snorri Einarsson (Ic)


  1. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  2. Welcome to Julius, the new SSRM chairman: Julius HreinssonJulius is the new Chairman of SSRM and therefor also member of NFS Board. He has great experience and has also earlier been a member of NFS Board. The board welcomed him warmly. Greta will until further continue in the NFS Board as elected member from SSRM
  3. NFS 2017 Congress in Nyborg Strand, Denmark 2. - 5. August 2017: Kirsten LouiseStatus, scientific program, social program, economy, how many participants etcKirsten informed the Board about status regarding the NFS 2017 Congress. Both the scientific and social program was presented. The Board could only applaud Kirsten and her team for a great job. The only thing of concern is the total number of members registered. This has always been a matter of concern; also in Haugesund 2014 and also Reykjavik 2015The Board decided to delay the early registration until 1st of June and to send reminders to all NFS members through the national societies, FB and NFS web site. Kirsten also presented an overview of the budget. It seems that the NFS 2017 Congress will make a small surplus. To ensure this the organizing committee will try to get more participants from the industry.
  4. Distributing of chairmen to the different sessions of the NFS meeting: Kirsten LouiseThe Board decided that each national society ( NOFAB,  SSRM, SFY and DFS)  should elect 7 members as chairmen for  the scientific sessions  and Iceland 2 members. The local scientific committee will handle the final distribution
  5. Election of new NFS President: JonI have been a member of the board for 6 years and I think we need some fresh energyWe had a good and fruitful discussion about what kind of tasks and workload we could expect from the board members. This is voluntary work in each member spare time. The Board asked Jon to continue for 2 more years and he accepted. The general assembly will have the final word
  6. Distribution of NFS board members: JonThis has been a matter of discussion in a previous board meeting. The most important factor is that the elected member is willing to do a good job and not the profession he or she represent. The national societies should have the distribution of professions in mind when electing members for the NFS Board. The Board decided to suggest for the general assembly to make a change in the NFS By-laws; The chairman of previous and next NFS congress should be full voting members of the NFS Board
  7. FB and the NFS website: PaulaHow does it work ? are we happy ? Should one board member each month commit to write a newsletter ?What about Kristian ? We have not yet got any suggestions for a new logoWe decided to continue with Kristian as web master. We also decided to continue with the old logo. We also discussed what kind of activity the web site should contain. The conclusion was open and we will have the NFS members advice on this matter.
  8. Next education course in Helsinki: AnttiHave we the dates ? The organizing committee ? What will we change to do it better ?Antti suggested changing the practice from previous meetings. The embryologists and nurses will not have common sessions. We will not go through every block of curriculum. We decided to see the education course as a 3 years education for the exam. In 3 years the whole curriculum will be covered. This means that we can go deeper and better on each topic. We will continue to make the lectures online. We also agree on having the meeting every second year in Copenhagen and every second year in the other Scandinavian capitals. It was also decided that Ferring company could be the main collaborator for arranging the education courses. Antti will at the general assembly 2017 inform the members about the new plans for NFS education course. The next education course will be held in Helsinki 8th – 9th of November 2017
  9. Introduction courses to reproductive medicine: GretaThe Swedish ModelGreta informed about the Swedish annual introduction course for assisted reproduction. It has been a success. The Board discussed if this was a course that could be done by NFS. The Board will continue this work.
  10. NFS and economy: AstridThe expenses involved by arranging the education course in Copenhagen 2016The economy in NFS is stable and satisfying. The education courses have a budget of about 60 000 DKR
  11. News from the national societies
  12. Next meetingWe should have a new telephone  meeting in juneThe next board meeting will be held Tuesday 19th 20.00 danish time. Jon will send the agenda
  13. NFS board meeting in Nyborg StrandWe decided date and time for NFS Board meeting, see the congress program
  14. We need to do the agenda for general assembly !What issues should we address ?Jon will make the agenda for the general assemblu, issues were discussed
  15. Matters arisingThe Board decided to have 2 physical meetings every year. The telephone meetings are not that fruitful. If the Board is going to do a good job we have to see each other more. Every member agreed upon thisThe patient society from Iceland has asked for participating at the NFS meeting in Nyborg Strand. This has previous been the case for several national patient societies. The Board has discussed this matter and decided to make a statement about such requests;


Statement from the board of the Nordic Fertility Society

The Nordic Fertility Society as a society is supportive of patient centered care. The congresses organized by the society on the other hand have the purpose of facilitating the academic understanding and examination of the theoretical issues of Reproductive medicine. The congresses are not necessarily examining these issues from a treatment centered perspective. The presentations are often expected to be controversial and not in line with current evidence for care. Therefore the NFS congresses are not suitable for patient participation as this may contribute to misunderstanding and they are only suitable for professionals in the field.

NFS board 2017-05-09

Referent Jon Wegner Hausken, Haugesund 2/6-2017