2017 – August 2-5

2017 – August 2-5

2-5 August 2017

Meeting venue:
Hotel Nyborg Strand
Østerøvej 2, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark

Jon Hausken (N), Astrid Helene Sydtveit (N), Kirsten Simonsen (Dk), Greta Edelstam (S), Paula Peltopuro (Fi), New representative from Iceland (Ic), Kirsten Louise Tryde Macklon (Dk), Elisabeth Carlsen (DFS), Antti Perheentupa (SFY), Julius Hreinsson (SSRM), Hans Ivar Hanevik (NOFAB)

Not present:                                           
All members attended the meeting, including Ingrid Battbakk NOFAB

  1. Secretary of the meeting: Jon
  2. Welcome to new board members
    Hans Ivar Hanevik is the new NOFAB chairman and Steinunn Thorsteinsdottier is the new representative from Iceland.
  3. NFS 2017 Congress in Nyborg, Danemark
    Kirsten informed about status. About 300 participants. Everything is in order. No problems regarding the NFS 2017 program, industry nor the facilities and Hotel. The congress will have a minor surplus.
  4. The decrease in members participating at NFS Congress.
    What to do ? How will this impact our economy ? Discuss proposals at the GA ? When do we have the next congress in Gothenburg 2019 ? We should aim for just Friday-Sunday.The future of NFS congresses were discussed. The board decided to present the plan for the next congress at GA. The board will suggest to move the meeting to the end of August and go for a 2 days meeting.
  5. General Assembly, election of chairman and secretary for the meeting
    The board decided to ask Søren Ziebe to be the chairman and ask Janicke B Brun to be the secretary
  6. Next education course in Helsinki.
    We have to do some advertising !! It is still not posted on NFS web site and we have to send emails and FB messages to all members. Antti will inform the GA but should also have 5 minutes between lectures to address this direct to all members ?Antii informed about the upcoming education course. He presented the preliminary program. The board decided to make room in the scientific program for Antii to tell about the new plans for the NFS education program. He will also do this at the GA. The advertising will be done as usual using emails, FB and website. Every national society is committed to have one member responsible for getting the information out to our members. Jon suggested to ask Janicke B Brun to be the next web master for NFS. Paula is leaving the board and we will need a new member responsible for this task.
  7. News from the national societies
    Hans Ivar informed about a situation in his own clinic. A couple complaining about breach of confidentiality. This couple uses all Social Media to criticize the clinic and Hans Ivar as person. Negative emails are also send to NFS members and Hans Ivar felt the need of informing the board about the objective content in this matter.
  8. Next meeting
    Telephone meeting Tuesday 26th of September 20.00 Danish time
  9. Matters arising
    Jon Hausken and the Board thanked Ingrid and Paula (and Snorri) for their excellent contribution and work for the past board period